Clay Pigeon Trap Kit

Clay Pigeon Trap Kit (£110)

This is a kit of parts to make your own clay pigeon trap, the ideal project for the clay shooter. The kit comes with plans and instructions so all you need are a welder and a few metal working tools. The trap is a basic single arm version of my British designed and built Elevator and Classic clay traps.Clay pigeon trap kit
All the frame and link parts are made from strong industrial grade steel. The spring is made from top quality Swedish steel, the bearing is precision drawn tubing with a high tensile threaded shaft and the throwing arm is easy to work aluminium. Plans and instructions are all included in the box to help you put the trap together. When the trap is successfully completed and mounted onto your own base, it will be capable of launching standard, midi or mini clays as suitable targets for the whole family.Clay pigeon trap kit
(Above – parts to build your own clay pigeon trap)
(Above – part of the instruction sheet to help you build the clay pigeon trap)
(Above – part of the plans to help you build your own clay pigeon trap)
Clay pigeon trap kit
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