New and Used Traps

The Elevator Clay Pigeon Trap
The Elevator is a completely new professional clay pigeon trap for use by all the family. Three models are available to suit all your target requirements: the S6 has a single arm and lighter spring for trainer targets, the D6 and D8 both have double throwing arms and either a light or powerful spring. Whichever model you choose, the Elevator has adjustable elevation to throw low and flat to high teal targets.
(From £340 + p&p)

Elevator clay pigeon trap

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The Classic Clay Pigeon Trap

The Classic is a completely new British built clay pigeon trap, designed to suit the shooting needs of the whole family. There are three versions of the Classic, each with a different throwing arm & spring combination built to the same specifications as the Elevator but without the seated base and elevation adjustment, instead there is a fixed plate to mount the trap.
(From £150 + p&p)

Classic D8 - A double arm trap with a strong spring.

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Professional Aluminium Clay Thrower
The Professional Aluminium Clay Thrower is a hand held clay pigeon launch platform. (£40.00 + p&p)

Professional aluminium clay thrower

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Reconditioned Used & Secondhand Clay Pigeon Traps for Sale
All the manual clay pigeon traps for sale on this website has been stripped down to the smallest nut and bolt; each part has been cleaned, inspected and replaced or repaired when necessary before being reconditioned and rebuilt to a high standard. Traps are then test fired on my indoor facility before field testing and final cleaning.

Reconditioned used & secondhand traps for sale.

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All my used traps are professional brand-name traps which have a proven track record of reliability in a club environment. Any manual trap you buy will come with a no-quibble 14 day money back guarantee, all I ask is that you return it in the same condition that it left my workshop. Most traps are manually operated but occasionally there may be an electric trap so it’s always worth a call or email to ask what else I’ve got in stock.

If you’re looking for something a bit different then just ask – there are always more traps under my bench and I’m happy to find or make something out of the ordinary. Recent sales include a solo manual, traps for school and college clubs, parts for a university project and a modified trap for a blockbuster film special effect.

Call or email for advice before you buy, free and no obligation.

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