Clay Trap Repairs

Clay Pigeon Trap Repair & Reconditioning

I have supplied parts and reconditioned traps for several years, selling to Europe and as far afield as Australia. Experience tells me that there must be thousands of unused manual clay pigeon traps with broken, bent or missing parts just waiting to be given a new lease of life so with that in mind I can probably offer a repair service for your trap.

The pictures show some examples of my repaired and reconditioned traps. The Stuart came to me as a rusty base, the only part to come with it was the spring from a newer model, nothing else. I’ve made all new throwing arms, high tensile mainshaft & spring shaft and nylon spring bush then added new stainless steel teal clips, rubber drive rails and eyebolt. The complete top end has been fitted to the newly painted base to provide the customer with shooting enjoyment for years to come.Rebuilt Stuart clay trap

Farey traps are more complicated than most and are prone to seizures but they can usually be mended. Here is a picture of a Farey during the rebuilding process – it came to me with a couple of seized shafts and rollers with several bits missing both on top and underneath. I have a short video of this trap being tested before it went back to its owner.
Rebuilt farey lever trap

I may also be able to help you with older electric traps, it’s more than likely that the reason for broken clays and breakdowns isn’t as complicated as it seems. The trap in the next picture had a worn out spring linkage and bush with the wrong spring. The repair consists of a more suitable spring, a stronger pivot link, rewelded spring mounting and a new Techaform bush.Cock Pheasant automatic clay pigeon trap repair.Clay Pigeon Shooting, Clay Pigeon Traps & Spares by Andrew Walne (Framlingham, Suffolk)