Mobile Clay Pigeon Shooting

How much will it cost?
Exactly what it says on the website, it’s from £350 for a basic party package.
Will there be any extra charges?
Only if your guests shoot more cartridges than are included in the basic Party package or the Introduction session. After that there is a £10 charge for each extra box of 25 cartridges, (including 25 clay targets), payable by either you or your guests. If you are outside my usual area an extra charge may apply for mileage.
Why don’t you have a price per head?
Because not everyone wants to shoot a set number of targets. We find that there is usually a mix of shooters, some may only want a couple of shots to say they have done it and others may use many more as they become hooked on clay shooting. This way none of your guests feels under any pressure to shoot more than they want to.
How many guests can I have at a party?
I generally suggest up to 12 shooters which allows time for them to come back and shoot again if they want to. You could have more but they might have a longish wait for their turn to shoot although sometimes everyone is just happy to sit and watch everyone else or come and go as they please. Non-shooting spectators are always welcome to come and watch.
Can my children come to the party?
Yes. We always want youngsters to learn about the shooting sports. Children at your party must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times and they must also wear ear, eye and head protection. Children under 10 years of age won’t be allowed to shoot.
Can we shoot clays on our weekend away?
Yes, subject to the venue meeting certain conditions including the owner’s agreement and there being enough room to shoot safely. I will have a look at the proposed shooting ground to make sure it’s safe and legal before any booking.
Can we shoot clays at home?
Yes, subject to the venue meeting certain conditions including the owner’s agreement, any adjacent land owner’s permission if necessary and there being enough room to shoot safely. I will have a look at the proposed shooting ground to make sure it’s safe and legal before any booking.
How long will our party last?
Usually 2 to 2½ hours, it depends on how many shooting guests you have, their enthusiam and abilities.
Does clay shooting hurt?
You will feel it but we do all we can to reduce the impact that using a shotgun has on your shoulder, the bang and thump will come as a surprise rather than a shock. We provide shooting jackets fitted with shoulder pads, we use less powerful ammunition and I’m always there to show you how to hold the gun correctly. Because ladies are shaped a little differently from me, some guns have had the rubber butt pads rounded off to fit your shoulder more comfortably. As well as all this I usually help to hold the gun and have my hand behind a novice shooter’s shoulder to absorb the recoil for the first few shots.
Is clay shooting noisy?
Yes. Shotguns make a fairly loud bang when they are fired so you will be told to wear the hearing protection that we will provide, whether you choose defenders or ear plugs. If you are planning a party at home it’s best to let your neighbours know beforehand.
Do I need a licence to shoot clays?
No. You don’t need to hold a licence or own a shotgun to shoot with me but you will have to sign a declaration to say that you are not prohibited by the police and you’re not under the influence of drink or drugs.
Do we need to have used a shotgun before?
No, you need never to have seen a shotgun before in your life. I will take each of your guests in turn into the shooting safety enclosure, show them the shotgun, go through a dry run of how to shoot at a clay target and then if they want to, fire the first shot for real. I’m always there, usually with one hand behind the shooter’s shoulder and the other helping to hold the shotgun during the first few clays.
What clothes do we need to wear?
Shooting will take place in all weathers so if it’s cold and wet you will need something warm and waterproof, including sturdy footwear. We do provide shooting jackets but you could bring a comfortable jumper, top or coat which will also absorb some of the shotgun’s recoil. You may like to bring your own hat although we also provide baseball caps for your protection. Some of your guests will be able to shelter from the sun and rain under limited basic cover and it might also pay to bring an umbrella.
Can I shoot if I’m pregnant?
I advise that you don’t. It has been suggested that your baby’s hearing could be harmed by the noise from clay shooting, I would rather not take any risks with your unborn child.
Do I need to wear glasses?
Yes. You will have to wear safety glasses which we will provide. Successful clay shooting depends upon the shooter being able to see the target clearly so we will also provide safety over-glasses so you can to wear your own prescription lenses while shooting.
What will we shoot at?
Clay pigeons. Your targets won’t be anything to do with feathers, they are round black fragile discs, 110mm in diameter and made from powdered limestone, strong enough to be thrown from my automatic clay traps yet will break into pieces if they are hit.
Will I be able to break the targets?
There will be a variety of targets to cater for all abilities. Some are straightforward clays designed to give shotgun novices the best chance to hit them, then there are more challenging targets for experienced shots or just to get a flavour of what sporting clay shooting is all about. I’m pleased to say that it’s more than likely everyone will hit something.