Mobile Clay Pigeon Shooting Party

Whoever you’ve invited to the party, they will always want to try their hand at breaking clays. I can provide everything to entertain up to twelve guests and introduce them to the wonderful world of Clay Pigeon Shooting with plenty of advice and guidance along the way. Shooting always takes place under my supervision with one-to-one instruction for anyone who hasn’t handled a shotgun before, all in a safe and friendly environment.Howtobreakclays clay shooting at Wilderness Reserve.All the necessary protective equipment will be provided, including safety glasses or over-glasses, ear defenders and caps; padded clothing and low-recoil ammunition will be available for the comfort of your guests. My wife Janet is also a clay shooter and will be on hand to offer help and advice to your guests behind the firing line.Eloise breaking clays at Wilderness Reserve.   Henry breaking clays at Wilderness Reserve.
The Party Package is a ‘Have-a-go’ event at which everyone can try their hand at using a shotgun, hopefully to break some clays and gain an insight into the shooting sports. The professional equipment and target layouts we use allow me to introduce more varied and challenging clays as your guests progress and become more confident or they can just break all the easy ones!Watching the clays at a Hen party.
For the more competitive amongst the group, a party can include a short Sporting competition and then, depending on your guests’ abilities, the chance to shoot my ‘Paired Flurry’ where two guns can shoot at up to four targets in the air at once – several times! A party of up to 12 usually lasts 2 -2½ hours and spectators are always welcome.

The basic party package costs from £350 and provides everything for up to twelve guests to try their hand at clay shooting at a venue of your choice.

This price is a fixed fee for the party rather than charging ‘per head’ because there is usually a mix of guests, some just want to have a couple of shots to say they have done it while others might use many more as they become hooked on clay shooting. Your party will include:-

  • Up to 150 cartridges & clay targets, (bio-degradable, low recoil fibre wads)
  • Personal Protective Equipment, (ear, eye & head protection)
  • A choice of shotguns, (ladies’ & gents’, competition over & under)
  • Automatic radio controlled clay traps
  • One-to-one tuition and supervision for beginners
  • Guidance for basic safe shooting techniques

A beautiful afternoon for breaking clays.Depending on your guests’ abilities and enthusiasm for clay shooting, it’s more than likely that some will go beyond the ‘Have-a-go’ stage to shoot more challenging or competitive targets. Once a group has used the cartridges and clays included in the Basic Shooting Package price that’s not the end as there will be plenty more available to buy, payable by either you or your guests:-

  • Each extra box of 25 cartridges, (including 25 clay targets), will be charged at £10 in addition to the package price.

The cost of any extra cartridges and clays is then due on the day of your party.

Showing a novice how to break clays for the first time.Payment Options
A deposit of £50 will be required at the time of your booking then the balance will be due seven days before the event unless another agreement is already in place.

A charge may be applied for mileage if your chosen venue is outside my usual area.

Please see Terms & Conditions.