About me

I started shooting as soon as I could hold a Gat, then went on to airguns, a garden gun, .410 and ultimately the 12 bore shotgun. I’ve shot tin cans, pests, game and small bore targets with Framlingham Rifle Club but clays have always been the most important part of my shooting.

My first experience of clays came at a friend’s laser clay shooting party many years ago. She had organised the event in her back garden when it was a relatively new game; it was a brilliant evening, I was able to use a ‘proper’ gun fairly well and the clay bug bit.

There followed an introduction to Sporting clays with my side-by-side and within a couple of shoots I’d traded it in for an over and under. Since then I’ve shot regularly at High Lodge, headed by 14 times FITASC Sporting World Champion, European Champion and English Open Champion John Bidwell, who also taught me to shoot many years ago.

From a 3 day charity shoot to one trap and two guns in a field it’s all thoroughly enjoyable entertainment – whatever people want, I’ve probably setup and shot my own version. My Mobile Clay Shooting is based on many years of hands-on experience running regular clay shoots as well as being a qualified CPSA Safety Officer.

I’m an amateur club shooter hooked on clay shooting who has taken a more than average interest in how it all works, sharing my passion with anyone who will listen. Many of the people I have introduced to the sport have gone on to shoot regularly and several have become firm friends. I don’t usually take part in dedicated competition events and scores don’t really matter too much to me, what I do is regular social shooting where my average is around 75%, although there is the occasional exception! All I want to do is introduce people to my chosen sport; to help them find and enjoy for themselves the thrill and excitement that I derive from shooting clays.
MobileClay Pigeon Shooting, Clay Pigeon Traps & Spares by Andrew Walne (Framlingham, Suffolk)